Welcome to NT Sports Stats

Welcome to NT Sports Stats!  This site is dedicated to trying to serve (in an unofficial capacity) as a store for all statistics for the University of North Texas Football team and Men’s & Women’s basketball teams.

Should North Texas ever reinstate baseball at the Div. 1 level, this site will also host those stats as well.

This site will be a constant work in progress as new ways of presenting relevant stats are found.  A future version of the main stats store will eventually allow visitors to produce graphs using various data fields.

Currently the 2015-2016 Basketball stats for the Men’s and Women’s teams are available.  I am trying to back-fill in all previous seasons as quickly as possible.  Development for the Football stats pages will also be taking place once the Basketball pages are completed.

If you have access to stats for previous seasons for Football or Basketball, especially prior to 2001, I would very much like for you to get in touch with me at ntalum at seanhiatt dot ws (ws as in web-site).

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